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Services Offered

If there is a service you require and it is not on the list, scroll to the bottom and request a quote. Provide sufficient detail on your project and 603DataPro will get back to you promptly.

NDA Needed? No Problem

603DataPro is proud to honor any NDA or privacy policy you may have. Your data is your business, and I will ensure strict levels of privacy at all times. 

  • Data entry

  • Data cleansing

  • Data mining

  • Data Research

  • Database admin

  • Technical Writing

  • Power BI dashboards

  • Excel spreadsheet creation, manipulation and more

  • Pivot tables

  • Word documents, letters and more

  • Photo scan projects

  • Document scan projects

  • PDF manipulation

  • PDF redaction

  • Sales analysis

  • OCR document conversion

  • Copy and paste data entry

  • Power Point presentations

  • CRM Management

  • Editing/Proofing documents

  • Project Management​

How does this all work?

603DatPro is here to make this as easy as possible. With that said, if you are interested in a one-time project, scroll to the bottom and request a quote. Provide your project details and I'll get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

Your data needs are the most important thing here at 603DataPro. 603DataPro wants you to feel comfortable that your data is safe. Below are some of the tools used to make the remote data process smooth and secure. 

603DataPro Tools

  • Sync: Your data is secure with 256-bit AES encryption. 603DataPro will create a custom folder for your organization. Your organization will a secure accessed folder to obtain completed project data. You will also be able to add additional work which 603DataPro will access and work on. The security of the data has end-to-end encryption. There is no third-party tracking. 603DataPro also has a 180-day history, account rewind, password protection on sharing, so your data is safe and secure. T is based out of Canada and their privacy laws are much stricter than the United States.  

  • Power BI Desktop: 603DataPro uses Power BI Desktop to create effective, yet simple visualizations of your data. Most of my experience lies in the realm of the Microsoft suite of software. I've created successful, effective and power dashboards where Excel was connected behind the scenes. The excel data was updated on a regular basis allowing for the dashboard to be updated as new data was received. I also published the data to field sales restricting access through security levels, so users only saw their data.

  • Microsoft 365: 603DataPro has full access to Microsoft software both as a desktop application and online. 

  • Microsoft Teams: Communicating will be seamless with the use of Microsoft Teams. Teams has come a long with now allowing connection and collaboration with those who do not have the application. If your organization does not have this, do not worry. When it comes time to meet you will receive and invitation and will be able to connect through a browser of your choice. 

  • Help Authoring: 603DataPro uses HelpNDoc help authoring software as a means of technical writing and documentation. If your organization needs assistance in documenting processes, procedures or developing how-to knowledge documents this software will fit the bill. Output of your files can be in Word, HTML, .chm, PDF or even an ePub book formats. And if you want all formats 603DataPro can provide that as well. 

  • PDF Software: 603DataPro can provide you with PDF merging, converting and redaction to name a few. I use Foxit PDF and PDF Studio Pro software to provide a full range of PDF manipulation. 

  • Splashtop Business Remote: This is a remote computer access service. If your data entry needs require me to enter information on a machine within your organization 603DataPro will use Splashtop to connect to that machine. There is a small software install your organization would need to install on the machine I would access. Your organization would provide appropriate credentials, so when I attempt to remote connect, I would input those credentials as a measure of security. There is robust security of 256-bit AES encryption, as well as 2nd-level password options. Deployment is easy. If you are having me monitor databases or even helping your users within your organization with computer related issues, I would also be able to perform remote reboots. Ultimately, Splashtop allows 603DataPro to work remotely even when a person is not present at a machine, so you can keep busy with more important tasks. I use this means of communication as it is secure and private.

  • Browsers: 603DataPro primarily works with Edge, however, I have full access to Firefox and Chrome should you require use of these browsers over Edge.

  • Antivirus & VPN: 603DataPro uses Bitdefender for antivirus protection as well as a companion VPN. If I work away from my business network, my VPN is used at all times for additional levels of security for my system and your projects. Within this software I also have ransomware remediation, anti-spam and threat trackers enable at a high level for additional security. 

  • Epson FF-680W Scanner: Scanning photos or documents will be no issue with the FF-680W. If you have a photo project or documents sent to me for processing, scanning will be fast and easy getting your scanned images or documents back to you via Dropbox.

  • Internet Access: I use Comcast as ISP provider. You can rest easy on collaboration or data entry processing. 603DataPro's upload speed is approximately 41.87 mpbs and download speed is 386.11 mpbs. 

  • Excel Plugins: In addition to the already robust tools in Excel, I have addtional plugins and tools to speed up a variety of tasks in Excel from merging excel spreadsheets with the same column structure into one file or even a .csv format more advanced functions beyond what exists in Excel.

  • Snagit and Screencast-O-Matic: Screen capture and recording software can be an effective tool when providing tutorials for software or processes and procedures as short videos or in technical documentation. This software can be used to provide screengrabs and annotated for more effective visuals. 

Highlighted Services

Below are some of the more prominent data services 603DataPro provides. 


Document Scanning

603DataPro is all about maximizing the cloud-based world. Move into the digital age. Let me help you migrate your documents to the cloud.

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