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Outsourced data entry and project-based services



Data can drive an organization to exceed or to fail. Data displayed or analyzed in the right way can provide a wealth of information. Over the last decade or so organizations have moved from in-house servers to SaaS and cloud-based work environments. Now more than ever businesses today are data driven. 603DataPro can turn your data into something more meaningful instead of columns of numbers and data points. 603DataPro can process your data entry projects allowing your staff to stay focused on the more important tasks. Jump to our Services page to check out what we offer. If you do not see a particular service, please reach out and inquire. 

603DataPro is ready to partner with you on single projects or a more long-term partnership. 603DataPro can provide quotes based on the project or your organization can purchase a time-block package where time can be used based on organizational needs. Every aspect of a project is timed and logged. Used time is deducted from your package and you are notified when it reaches a specific amount of time left, so you have the opportunity to purchase a new time-block or let it run out. 

Why Outsource Data Processing?

Coming out of a pandemic has changed the dynamics of the working world. Finding the right staff has become more difficult as workers look for ways to redefine themselves and even make decisions of doing things like Quiet Quitting. Data entry is a necessity in any business, but is it being efficiently handled or processed within your organization? 

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provides you several ways to save. Outsourcing to 603DataPro will provide financial savings in company benefits, taxes, vacation, payroll and precious office space. Why? Because 603DataPro works for you as an independent contractor. As an independent contractor, 603DataPro processes your data needs effectively and efficiently. 603DataPro works projects behind the scenes remotely, allowing your employees to stay focused on the more important objectives.




603DataPro has more than two decades working in manufacturing and sales environments where skills have been sharpened in areas from data analysis, data processing, Excel with special focus on pivots and Power BI dashboards to name a few. 603DataPro has continued to find educational opportunities to grow skills and knowledge through post-secondary education, workshops, tutorials and self-education.




603DataPro is proud to provide a number of services such as data entry, data analysis, data mining, cleansing and conversion, Excel data processing or database admin services. Outsourcing your data project needs to 603DataPro is just smart, flexible and cost effective. 

I-O Consulting



Industrial and Organizational Psychology or more commonly known as I-O Psychology is about understanding the dynamics of the behavior which goes on in the organization. The I-O practitioner can help an organization understand impacts of morale, productivity and motivation. An I-O Consultant can partner with management, Human Resources and leadership to understand the dynamics that affect the trifecta of performance (morale, motivation and productivity). Watch for more information coming soon.

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